Rolandelli Bottega

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New Season Spring '24 15% OFF WITH "SPRING24" COUPON


Rolandelli Bottega was born in March 2017 from the union of cousins Christian Levrini and Simone Rolandelli.
Christian, after more than 10 years spent in the Milanese fashion world, decides together with his cousin to open his own boutique, initially called Rolandelli FACTORY.
Christian and Simone’s idea has always been to create an innovative concept store that combines sought-after brands, famous brands and a small selection of vintage items to customize.
In 2020 Simone leaves the company and Christian, together with his wife Valentina, give life to Rolandelli Bottega.
The spirit remains the same: innovation and creativity, but the search for quality increases in the Bottega.
Important brands such as Cp company, Adidas, Levi’s, Carhartt and the continuous exploration of Made Italy (Semicouture, 8pm, White sand) are added, this is the basis of the new Rolandelli.
Vintage also changes, becoming increasingly sought after and of the highest quality.
The idea of Christian and Valentina is to propose looks suitable for everyone and for all occasions, but which differ from the mass and from the usual approved proposals.
That’s why even the presence of very commercial brands such as Adidas, in the Bottega are presented and combined in a unique way.
Inside Rolandelli Bottega you can also find “Bottega”, the house brand.
A small selection of top quality Made in Veneto T-shirts and sweatshirts. Minimal style and trendy fit are the peculiarities of Bottega.
Passion is the word that most of all unites Christian and Valentina in this experience.
Passion that transcends just working.
Like in winter 2020 when the two created a small collection of Alpaca knitwear purchased in northern Argentina. Or, again in 2020, a trip to Brazil gave the possibility to develop a truly peculiar bikini line. Traveling is always an opportunity to discover and invent something new.
Enter the Bottega and you too will breathe this passion, we are sure of it.


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